To provide every young person with a supportive relationshipso they can grow and develop into thriving, productive,and engaged citizens.

Our Mission

To empower and rehabilitate our youth through coachingand educational programs, in order to fulfill their personaldestiny and purpose in life.

What is a mentor?

To be a mentor is one of the most effective ways to make a difference in the life of a youngperson. Whether as a teacher, a community volunteer, or a neighbor, a mentor providessupport, guidance, and caring. Mentors encourage, inspire and help young people developopen minds to new opportunities.

1 in 3 young people are growing up without a mentor outside of their family.

With a mentor, at risk youth are less likely:

    • to skip a day of school than their peers
    • to start using drugs than their peers
    • to engage in reckless behaviors

and more likely:

    • to volunteer regularly in their communities
    • to be enrolled in college
    • to participate regularly in sports orextracurricular activities
    • to have held a leadership position ina club or on a sports team

Youth that have mentors tend to become mentors themselves.

Private Sector Engagement

Project Rize’s coaching program is committed to partnerships with government agencies,churches, and private sector businesses in order to leverage their human and/or financialcapital to develop, enhance, and scale youth mentoring initiatives.

We want to increase theopportunities for young people to positively contribute to corporate culture and employeesatisfaction in their jobs and in their community.

We need your help to do so. Contact us today to find out how you can make a difference as a mentor.


Proud Sponsor of Culpeper Little League

Shawn Gives Back

Being a proud Virginia boy also means it’s important to give back to his home. On Christmas Eve, the Culpeper restaurant hosts a free meal for area homeless individuals, senior citizens and public servants, including police officers and first responders on duty that evening. Shawn also humbly gives his time, along with plenty of food donations, to support his church and kids’ schools.

“I love it when I’m at a soccer or baseball game and someone recognizes me as ‘The Barbecue Guy.’ Everybody knows each other in this area, and that’s exactly the kind of place I’m thrilled to call home.

“Sure, I want Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ to be known for fantastic food. But I also want people to know who I am and what values my family stands for. That’s how I can make the biggest difference for my community.”

Host a Spirit Night for your organization, business, school, or sports team here at Shawn’s. Just contact us and we can go over the details and schedule your fundraiser.