January 11, 2018 | JEFF SAY, Culpeper Times

Shawn’s BBQ, in Culpeper, hosted about 100 people for a special Christmas Eve dinner.

Shawn Moss praised his mother Sue, with coming up with the idea for hosting homeless and less fortunate people for a special dinner on Christmas Eve.

Sue, who owned Kitchen Gourmet and a Company of Caterers in Woodbridge in 2013, transfered the business over to her son when he opened Shawn’s BBQ in Culpeper in 2013.

Now celebrating their fifth year in the town, they decided to wanted to find a way to give back to help those less fortunate during the Christmas season.

“She’s always believed in giving back,” Shawn said. “She wanted to do this on Christmas Eve at the restaurant. She contacted a bunch of local shelters and churches to invite them. It really turned out to be a nice crowd.”

Shawn said members of town police on duty that night stopped by and that Sue had the entire family involved, having his five children help bake cupcakes. She also went to the Dollar Store to pick out presents for guests.

“It was a lot of less fortunate families, but they were very grateful that evening,” Shawn said.

“We’ve always tried to be a good member of the community, she’s taught me that over the years.”

He said that helping the community has been a big part of his business since they opened, and that has in turn led the community to Shawn’s BBQ’s doors.

“I’ve seen her over the years of business, work day and night through the good and bad times,” Shawn said. “Even through the bad times she’s always continued to give and make sure everyone else was taken care of. It’s kind of what we’re all about is family and community. No matter how good and bad it is, you always have to give back.”

He also thanked Pastor Erick Kalenga of His Village Church for coming and saying the blessing over the meal.

“He is a blessing to this community,” Shawn said.

Shawn’s BBQ works with area churches on events and various youth sport leagues to help provide food for players. They also offer kid meal performance coupons for students at Emerald Hill Elementary, where his kids go to school.

“I cannot say enough about the community, the whole town of Culpeper and Warrenton,” Shawn said. “We’ve had some great times, overall that’s what’s built us, is the community.”

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